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davejohnson.com is stocking the Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw line of nutritional supplements and designer foods, which are unique scientifically formulated health maintenance products.

I believe that Durk & Sandy are the best formulators working today. Their ideas are on the cutting edge of nutritional science. Unlike many other supplements, their healthy diet of wholesome foods contains a broad spectrum of nutrients. This is important because some nutrients require other nutrient co-factors for your body to use them effectively.

Durk & Sandy have extensively studied metabolic pathways. Designing a nutrient supplement formulation without references to these complex biochemical charts is like trying to build a freeway without a map. Most of their formulations contain specific nutrient co-factors that act in concert with the pricipal nutrient(s). Co-factor nutrients are are especially important if you often eat what you like rather than what is best for you, if you are dieting or if you take large amounts of certain supplements.

Their supplements are hypo-allergenic because they contain no fillers, corn, soy, yeast, pollen or wheat that can cause allergic reactions. These products contain no artificial colours, flavors, sweeteners, sucrose, glucose and no artificial preservatives. Durk & Sandy have very stringent quality controls.


Under circumstances when you're not eating right, working long hours, especially in fast-paced conditions under a lot of stress such as intense concentration and decision making, you may run low on noradrenaline.

World renowned scientists Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw® studied the need for nutrients to enhance the body's ability to produce noradrenaline and put these into their MAX! formula. This production of noradrenaline enhances your ability to keep going. Research also showed them, small amounts of caffeine along with the balance of nutrients found in MAX!, would aid in giving you a long-lasting lift.

Although one serving of MAX! mix contains about the same amount of caffeine as a serving of coffee, this exhilarating naturally citrus flavored supplement provides many other nutrients which caffeine alone may deplete. Many people say that drinking MAX! Gives them a long lasting lift.

Bottle of MAX! Mix (30 servings)

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For your convenience the long lasting nutritional lift that you get from MAX! Mix is also available in capsules.

Bottle of MAX! Capsules (90)

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Every time you concentrate your brain draws on the supply of nutrients it uses in this important process. When it's running low, you can probably tell. You can't stay focused on your work, your productivity falls off...your brain has run out of gas in much the same way a car does.

Twenty years ago studying research on brain processes led noted scientists Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw® to a closer study of specific nutrients the brain uses and how it uses them. As a result, they developed formulations consisting of vitamins, minerals and essential nutrient amino acids so the brain would have raw materials to produce more of its own natural biochemicals whenever it ran low. CONCENTRATION™ contains these ingredients needed to make the all important neurotransmitter, acetylcholine which has many functions including a major role in memory processes, focus, concentration and muscle contraction.

Bottle of Concentration (30 servings)

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POWERFIT! is a safe alternative to harmful steroids. This proven L-Arginine supplement was formulated by renowned scientists and best-selling authors Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw® for their personal use and they've taken this formulation for 18 years.

POWERFIT! enhances your workouts by delivering a targeted system of nutrients, including the semi-essential amino acid L-Arginine that your body uses to repair muscle tissue and build new muscle.

Studies show that the body produces and releases natural growth hormone during sleep and following strenuous exercise. By drinking POWERFIT! before exercise or before going to bed, you are taking in nutrients used in the release of growth hormone. Having nutrients in the right combination at the right times is critical to many of the body's natural biochemical processes; building muscle tissue is no exception.

Often, the older the athlete, the more dramatic the change. Most people notice an increase in stamina and a shortened recovery time. Ask someone who uses it? It's nutrition you can feel.

Bottle of Powerfit (15 servings)

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A naturally flavored vitamin enriched herbal tea, Body Tea® contains Vitamins C, E and beta carotene as well as the minerals copper and zinc. It also features selected amino acids blended with the natural Chinese ephedra herb. Enjoy Body Tea® hot or cold as part of your energizing program to burn fat calories.

For more than 20 years thousands of people have found this herbal tea to be a satisfying addition to their individual weight management program.

Bottle of Body Tea (30 servings)

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